Gastric Sleeve Tips

? Are you suitable for an operation, that can be decide only after a
discussion with a Surgeon who is specialize in treating obesity

Gastric sleeve Surgery may be an option for a person . A patient who
is not in appropriate physical condition is unable to undergo gastric
bypass .

Pictorial representation of stomach after the surgery.

? Patient who has a BMI of 40 , 50 kg/m2 or more and It is also
dependent on your individual circumstances

? Patient Minimum age should be 18 or more 18

? Patient should not have any medical or psychological factors , if so
It will make them unsuitable for an operation

? Patient will not allowed to gastric sleeve surgery, in case he or
she is a smoker.

? Patient should have further follow up after the surgery and proper
intervention with the surge

Gastric sleeve before and after.

Need to know the precautions after gastric sleeve:

There must changes in the life style and in food habits , and also
they need take care follow up intaking care of food habits and health.
They should follow their regular diet , and exercise which will end up
in good result. Also need to follow some techniques like eating
slowly, consuming only small quantities of food at a time, less Claire
foods, chewing thoroughly and swallowing food only when it is mashed
and main thing is need to avoid the eating and drinking at the same

Most of the people assume that they can go back to work quickly after
undergone the gastric sleeve surgery. And It is mandatory to take rest
up-to 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery. Because the body requires a
suitable amount of time in order to heal properly, and a person should
not push the matter.

It is necessary to allow the body to rest for a certain amount of time
without fail. A person should not prefer to work if the body is acting
in a tired manner If so and is the dreadful Idea that has been chosen.
The stomach and the body will tell you that you are full, and please
do not force your body in consumption of more food . He or she should
not assume that it is acceptable to eat a large amount of food . It is
very important to stop eating once the stomach feels stuffed and
exceeding the limits is not an healthy sign.

Do not panic :

After gastric sleeve you can feel an drastic change and you can notice
some changes , an individual will like tough to stand up suddenly and
for long walk periods. It is not uncommon for people to be unaware of
what may happen to the body after surgery. A person may not realize
that the body will undergo a series of changes. It is crucial to be
aware of any and all issues; prior research ensures that a person will
feel less afraid and more confident. The information above may help a
person make smart decisions. Hence the gastric sleeve is already done
you may find the scar on certain part of the body and not to panic
about the scares.

Diet :

Immediately after your gastric sleeve surgery, you wont be able to
eat for one to two days.

After a couple of days, you will be able to eat some very specific
foods according to a diet progression.

There is different types diet that you need to follow. It is divided
by 4 phase or diet which is based monthly.

? First month after gastric sleeve :-

The patient should be very keen of in-taking food Items in the first
month after gastric sleeve. Because they should intake the only the
liquid food for the first month. It will help in patient to have a
correct healing & hence allow the maximum in the first month. Please
follow allow the guidelines as you consuming only the fluids. Make
sure that you maintain a balanced intake of protein,energy , and all
nutrients. It will create a good base for the weight loss.

? Second month after gastric sleeve :-

In this second stage of diet , slowly you can start taking soft foods
. Adding plenty of fluids before a meal and leave at least 1 hour
before drinking again. The intake foods can be cottage pie, well
cooked cauliflower cheese, scrambled egg, foods easily broken with a
fork . Avoid the food Items like toasted bread, tea cakes , pizza ,
naan , baked and bread product. Aim to follow a balanced diet by
eating a variety of foods and by choosing low fat/low sugar options,
where possible, this will maximize your weight loss & ensure of
optimum health.

? Third month after gastric sleeve :-

In this stage you can start in-taking normal foods that is all
textures of food . The consultant with the dietitian is very important
and provide proper information to your dietitian about your current

food habits and about your general lifestyle. Based on the dietitian
guidelines you can increase or decrease the amount of in-taking foods.
Drink plenty before a meal and wait at least 1 hour before your next
drink. Avoid bread ,meat /chicken (minced meat is allowed), & RICE for
the first 3 months post op – until you are comfortable with your new
way of eating

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