Gastric Bypass Surgery

Dieting is easy if the pleasure of eating and the leisure of taking time out to eat is not
necessarily curtailed or withdrawn. Why punish yourself just to look great. If you can eat
and look great at the same that should take the cake. Why do you have to go hungry just
to be healthy. It would really be so simple and enjoyable to be in the pink of health because of the food you eat. Food is not our enemy. It should be embraced as a friend.
More so it should be kissed like a lover then swallowed and chewed with pleasure. And as a true friend and lover the food you eat must work and serve you beneficially and not
make you ugly or sick.
Think of the food you enjoy most. If you enjoy hamburger don’t feel guilty after watching a documentary saying its unhealthy and packed with fat and calories. Think of
the ways you can enjoy the hamburger and lose weight at the same time. You can get
healthier by eating the same hamburger which they blame for making you fat. For example if you eat a big hamburger let’s say a 200 gram patty with an oversized bun
and stuff it full of mayo and catsup you could easily pack close to a thousand calories
in one taking because of the lavish additions. Try just one moderate coating of catsup
and mayo each. If you want to really reduce the calories discard half the bun and eat
half the hamburger in full splendor and the other half as just plain beef patty. Yup you
lost half the bun and the thick helpings of mayo and catsup but the taste and the fun was
still there. And what’s s great about it is that you can look forward to feeling healthy
and looking great.
You love pigging out on chocolate? Do you sometimes eat like five bars a day? You
can enjoy chocolate bars and still be healthy and slim. First try getting the smallest bars
of the same variety that you eat and substituting them for the usual medium or large
bars. This way you immediately reduce by half the number of calories that you get
from the habit. Later maybe after a week reduce the number of bars to only three.
You will find out that you hardly miss the former large servings because the pleasure
of eating chocolate was never taken away from you. You don’t have to alter your
life so much to kowtow to hard and fast rules. Life is too regimented already and
making more rules for yourself to follow will just make you swing to the opposite
of temperance too easily.
You like eating red meat. You love to sit and feast on thick juicy steaks. You are one
big carnivorous honcho. No sweat. In fact eating meat can be good for you. It could be
a healthy habit. Lose the trappings around the steak is the trick. As long as you have the
steak it really doesn’t matter too much how much gravy and mashed potatoes and bread you will take with it. The meat is the grit. Have fun with your steak. Eat it leisurely. Take
the time to masticate each juicy morsel but trim the trimmings. Take just one cup of
mashed potato with it and one cup of gravy that’s it. Keep the steak in the usual size you
enjoy and have fun eating healthy with the exact same steak that made you obese.
When you go to the market be wise. Don’t buy cuts of steak marbled with fat. Buy the
leaner cuts like top round and trimmed rib eye. Stay away from the bargain basement
where they dump chuck steaks laced with fat on you. Don’t even buy sirloin that’s not
trimmed to the meat to remove the ribbon of fat on the surface. Buy chicken and turkey
breast more than dark meat with skin. Buy the leaner cut of pork and pay a premium for
meaty pork chops instead of those with ribbons of fat. You will find out that lean meat
is just as delicious as meat marbled with fat. You keep the pleasure of eating the meat
that you love but by buying wisely you cut calories that make you put on weight.
The secret is in the cooking. Some people think that deep frying will make the food
more delicious. Yes, maybe they are more evenly golden brown but what the heck you
can have the same delicious taste with just a little sacrifice of aesthetics by frying with
little oil on a nonstick pan. You cut the fat intake by reducing the oil and the number of
calories piled up by your meal decreases dramatically. You have the same dining pleasure for less calories. You can reduce and look great by eating and loving the same food that
used to be your enemy.
Last but not least exercise and love it. Exercise shouldn’t be too scientific and costly.
Exercise doesn’t have to be ceremonious entailing the use of expensive equipment and
flashy togs and gear. How about great sex and doing it more often. You don’t even need the clothes. How about swimming where you only need a scanty pair of swimming trunks. Just be more active and have more fun exercises. Do it with a friend or join a
group. Join a dance club and dance your pounds and your blues away. Eat right and
move often. That’s what I say.