Gastric Bypass surgery Pregnancy?

When I got pregnant with my daughter in 2004 I was 1 year out after having Gastric Bypass Surgery. Before surgery i weight 250. I lost 100lbs by the time I got pregnant. Gained 10 pounds throughout my pregnancy and lost 20 when I had her! I was considered a high risk pregnancy and was monitored carefully. My daughter was born 2 weeks early and VERY healthy, although she was only 5 pounds 3 ounces. 18 inches long. We are TTC #2 and I am now about 4-5 years out of surgery. I do have low iron anemia because of the surgery. I am on prenatal vitamins iron pills and they are working pretty good on getting my levels up some. My question isSince it has been 4-5 years since my Gastric Bypass surgery, would I still be conisidered a high risk because of my low iron anemia? And will i be monitored like I was during my first pregnancy?
Thank you VERY much for your answer.
Yes, my daughter was tiny most likely from not receiving all of the nutrients. The doctors didnt say too much about it because after checking her out thoroughly she was extremely healthy, although small. Even stays above her age level in learning Even now, being 4-5 years out of surgery my body still does not absorb the nutrients it should. That is why I am on both prenatal AND iron pills prescribed by the doctor in order to bring my levels to a normal rate. And to get my body prepared for another baby. Hopefully VERY SOON!
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Answer by Jill
Probably. Low iron and anemia alone do not make you high risk, but the surgery itself did. Bypass surgery alters the way youre able to take in nutrients, and that is what makes you high risk.

A 5lb 3oz baby at 38 weeks is pretty small. I know that small babies can be healthy and I dont doubt what youre saying at all, but I would be willing to bet she was small because she was not getting enough nutrients. Did your doctor say anything similar when she was born, or did they not address her small birthweight?

Youll need to talk to your doctor to see exactly what their feelings are about your risk status at this point in time. Only they will be able to tell you. But my best guess is that yes, youd be closely monitored.

Good luck!